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A True Story of Assassination, Terrorism And High Treason.


By Kevin Harris.


Introduction:  There are weapons and techniques that kill in ways which appear natural.  Handgun crime statistics tell us that when there is a weapon present, the people most likely to be killed by it are the people closest to the person with the weapon, especially a spouse or ex-spouse.  Thus, we should expect the spouses of the people who can kill in ways which appear natural to have a higher than natural rate of lethal conditions.  The spouses and their families know and fear the people with these weapons so, when attacking a spouse, the most common, least suspicious available diseases are used – especially cancer.

I have found a group of ex-spouses that do have an impossibly high rate of cancers.  They were married to people who do have access to these weapons.  The existence of proof of these murders has caused reactions, including the 9/11 attacks, which are hard to understand without knowing this background.  To give you tangible evidence up-front, I start by describing one of the greatest weapons of all time.


The Pricker:  The pricker is an assassin’s weapon that deposits biological agents into a victim’s skin, on contact, without their knowledge.  It can be deployed in the palm of a hand, or hidden in a ring worn on a finger.  The pricker is capable of inducing a wide array of lethal, potentially lethal and non-lethal conditions.

By introducing  live microorganisms into skin the pricker can induce things like AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, encephalitis, tetanus, typhus, bubonic plague, rabies, necrotizing fasciitis, kala-azar, American leishmaniasis, Chagas’ disease, African sleeping sickness, malaria (kills thousands each day), yellow fever and other hemorrhagic fevers.  The assassin is protected by vaccine or antibiotic when handling these agents.  Viruses can be divided so they are not dangerous until they combine in the victim.  Hepatitis D virus, for example, is harmless without hepatitis B.  Microorganisms can be used on large numbers of targets, where the targets do not suspect foul play.

The pricker can be used to inoculate cancer causing viruses.  An example of virally induced human cancer, described in the public literature, is the rapidly progressive Burkitt’s lymphoma.  It is my understanding that there are others, not described in the public literature.  Breast cancer, leukemias, sarcomas, lymphomas and carcinomas are all known products of animal viruses.

By inoculating antigens and adjuvant the pricker can induce allergic hypersensitivities and autoimmune disorders.  The victim who is injected with the antigen to which they are hypersensitive (such as insect venom or medical products) may collapse in anaphylactic shock and die within minutes.  The asthmatic (thousands of US deaths/year) who inhales medication that has been laced with the antigen to which they are hypersensitive may suffer acute respiratory failure and die.  These products will not affect other people in an unusual way and, as with cancer, the death is assumed to be of a totally natural, endogenous mechanism.

Autoimmune mechanisms may contribute to the following potentially lethal disorders: multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, myasthenia gravis, diabetes mellitus (the severe, insulin-dependant form), scleroderma, glomerulonephritis (kidney disease), poly-arteritis nodosa, polymyositis, polyneuropathy, thrombocytopenia and hemolytic anemia.  Like cancer, and infectious disease, these disorders can be exacerbated or complicated by more pricking or other means.  The victim can be made intensely aware of their dependence on – and vulnerability to – ‘the system’.  Thus they are controlled even as they are killed.  Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease which, by crippling the fingers, can keep the victim from being able to write.

The pricker is entirely different from the widely advertised poisoned umbrellas where assassination by toxin is immediate.  Pricker victims never know what killed them.  Properly made and used the pricker is usually not seen, heard or felt.  Do you feel a mosquito during the many seconds it takes for it to bite?  Would you feel it if it took only an instant, in the middle of someone squeezing your arm, or patting your back?  There is usually no detectable wound.  It is difficult to even tell whether or not it is working.  Most of the microorganisms listed above make no mark.

Antigen inoculations (repeated over a period of weeks or years) make marks at the sites.  These may appear as small (5mm, 1/5 inch), firm, raised, red, stellate lesions with no pus.  A favored site for these inoculations has been the outside of the upper arm – where your doctor makes IM injections.  The relatively insensitive skin at this common social contact site openly displays the marks, so the assassin and his handlers can see that the pricker is working, and that the victim’s immune system is responding.  Such repeated inoculations are usually made by someone who has developed a personal relationship with the victim; the buttocks may be targeted.  I have only seen a pricker used once in a handshake, under special circumstances, with additional precautions.

There is only one way to stop the use of the pricker; by publicizing its existence.  You can prove that the pricker exists by building one for yourself.  Use figure 1 as a guide.

Figure 1:  a simple pricker, enlarged two times.  The clear back cover (B) holds the lead weight (W) down so the tip of the penetrating element (P) is just inside a tiny aperture (not shown) in the front plate (F).  When the front plate strikes the target skin (T) the inertia of the lead weight drives the penetrating element through the front plate into the target skin.  The springy reed (R) then draws the penetrating element back into the pricker.  The pricker sticks to the palm of the assassin’s hand (H) with double-sided tape.  Glue (G) holds the reed and the back cover to the front plate.  The penetrating element, a sharp spicule or tubule of glass, metal or plastic - like a wasp stinger - penetrates >1mm (1/25 inch) past the face of the front plate.  You can use a 0.1mm (1/250 inch) bristle, from a fine stainless steel wire brush, honed to a point with a high-speed polishing wheel.  Use a microscope to check your work.  The front plate (about 2.5 cm (1 inch) long) and back cover are made from a thermoplastic peanut butter jar softened in boiling water.  The lead weight, an air-gun pellet pressed flat on the end of the reed, is padded for silence.  The reed is 2cm (0.8 inch) X 3mm (0.12 inch) X 0.3mm (0.012 inch) stiff plastic packaging material.  Cover the front plate with flesh colored bandage.  If the penetrating element passes through bandage that is wet with viral suspension it can pick up virus to strike a whole series of targets at one time.  The professional pricker is smaller, spring powered and triggered by pressure.


In a world of death squads, massacres, disappearances and genocides, is it reasonable to say that this highly efficient, economical and obvious weapon has not been used?  If it were used only by other countries, US intelligence agencies would be aware of its use.  Why then has the US Government not denounced the use of this weapon and warned potential victims of its presence?  They don’t do that because the US uses it too.

I have had personal experience with both domestic and foreign operatives using prickers within the US, at the request of the US Government.  The rationale stated here should give you a reasonable indication that prickers are used in this country, but it is not an absolute proof.  The diseases of the ex-spouses, which I will describe, provide a proof so strong that some of these attacks will have to stop.

Governments need to keep using natural looking diseases for assassination, they are addicted.  If they quit ‘cold turkey’ then the cause of death of many of their previous victims would be known too plainly.  Some diseases are caused mainly, or exclusively by intent.  Have you heard of the meningococcus strain that is covered with human protein?  It is easy to see that such a bacterium would be highly lethal, but where does it come from?  It has no evolutionary advantage.  It immediately kills its only host.  It has no natural reservoir.  Its origin was a bioweapons lab.  The so-called ‘flesh eating’ bacterium is the same way; every victim is promptly cured or killed.

The disease most commonly thought of in relation to the pricker is AIDS.  That is because people have always suspected that AIDS was deliberately engineered.  The AIDS virus is wholly dependant on the reverse transcriptase molecule, which is not needed by human cells.  This presents an important target for AIDS drugs.  The AIDS virus is able to develop new reverse transcriptase molecules so as to be resistant to any one drug.  It has been described as a ‘smart virus’.  I concur; it has actual intellect behind it.  In Africa AIDS strikes heterosexuals.  It is revealing that this more contagious strain remained confined to Africa, while the less contagious variety, which depends primarily on anal intercourse, was able to come to America.  This is fortunate for Americans who do not have anal intercourse, but hate those who do.  There is no real evidence that AIDS is ever transmitted sexually.  There is a correlation with sexual activity, but that is because the people who use prickers know the sexual activities of their victims.  Some diseases are used to establish a history of illness, without disabling or killing immediately.  AIDS, Hepatitis C, systemic lupus erythematosus, and multiple sclerosis (MS) are common ones.

MS is an autoimmune degenerative disease of the central nervous system.  It afflicts over 100,000 people in this country alone.  It has a remarkable latitude related distribution.  Sometimes it is used to debilitate, as in the case of Senator Paul Wellstone.  He died in a plane crash shortly after I published this description of how to cause MS.  The term ‘multiple sclerosis’ was coined around 1880-1885.  It is now six times as common as it was a hundred years ago.  That is because the pricker is now six times as common.  Medical science says the cause is unknown, but an immunologic mechanism is suspected.  Everything about MS says it is a well understood autoimmune disease.  The blood brain barrier normally isolates the myelin of the central nervous system, so the immune system does not recognize it as ‘self’.  There is antimyelin antibody in the MS victim’s blood.  Progressive lesions are inflamed as an autoimmune lesion would be.  The disease is induced experimentally in animals by inoculating myelin proteins.  There are even bacteria, genetically engineered to carry human myelin protein on their surface, which induce MS after infecting an animal.  Yet the medical profession can not be quite sure.  It is as if a car smashed into your house, but the police could not quite prove that the car was not an elephant, or a tree, or a meteor shaped like a car.  The medical profession doesn’t know what causes MS because their leaders know full well what, and who, causes it.  I have presented something that really does cause MS as often as anyone wants to use it.  If our adversaries say there is some other cause, let them show us what it is.

It may be that the government is already preparing explanations for the missing diseases.  In 2002 there was an ad on PBS’s News Hour where ADM ‘supermarket to the world’ said “Imagine a world where health problems are prevented before they even start; is the answer natural food supplements called ‘nutriceuticals’?  We’re finding out.  ADM – the nature of what’s to come.”  The point of this ad was that if the government stops using natural looking diseases, the cessation of new cases of some of them would demand explanation.  We could then have been told that ADM had been finding out about ‘nutriceuticals’ by adding them to the world’s food supply, and that ‘they must be working!’  When I asked what they were doing to ‘find out’ if ‘nutriceuticals’ were ‘the answer’, ADM management was deceptive and highly evasive.


Spousal Disease:  Many years ago I met a woman who had just divorced a government agent.  She had also just had a radical mastectomy.  She was afraid of her ex-husband, afraid for her life.  That a woman should have to live (and die) in fear of this ‘public servant’ struck me as very wrong.  Since then I have met a couple of other women who have broken off marriages with government agents.  In each case the woman was diagnosed with cancer within a year of breaking up.

This was not a natural occurrence.  According to the California Cancer Registry, January 1991 the cancer rate for women of all races, aged 35-39 was 1/680 in 1988.  The combined probability that all three young women that I had met, at random, from these marriages would have cancer within one year is then on the order of 1:680 X 680 X 680 or 1:314,432,000 by chance alone.

These women didn’t get cancer because divorce and mortal fear are stressful.  Emotional stress as a factor in carcinogenesis can account for a few percentage points at most.  That is too small an influence to be reliably detectable.  This is a cancer rate that is thousands of percent too high.  Among other things, several attempts on my own life have confirmed to me that these cancers are intentional assaults.

Viruses are not the only way to cause cancer.  Breast cancer, for example, can first be simulated by drugging the victim and injecting foreign material.  The victim’s body then slowly, apparently naturally, forms a fibrous mass that suggests malignancy.  On biopsy, only the pathologist (from the agent’s healthcare provider) would know the difference.  Once a person has a cancer in their medical history, they can be killed at any time without suspicion.  For example, it may be desirable to wait until the children graduate from high school.  Breast cells, transformed in vitro by inserting oncogenes, can be cultured and stored.  Injected in suspension back into the victim, these cells can produce widespread deadly disease on demand.

That is a slow, calculated approach to murder; what if the heat of passion just won’t wait?  “Turn her head slowly a little way one way, then quickly a long way the other way.”  I am quoting a federal agent who was joking with an assassin about killing the assassin’s wife.  The kind of hyper-rotation he was talking about results in a dislocation of the atlanto-axial joint.  That is the connection between the top two neck bones.  To make a broken neck look like an act of God, the victim is ventilated and taken to a special surgeon/assassin.  The victim is then diagnosed with rising intracranial pressure due to brain cancer.  The base of the skull and part of the top neck bone are removed, supposedly to remove the tumor and relieve the pressure, obscuring the real cause of collapse.  The rumor was spread that perhaps cell phones caused cancers.

I think the justification that is used is that these spouses could pose a threat to national security.  Section 412 in chapter 15 (national security) of title 50 (war and national defense) of the US code begins with “All laws, orders, and regulations inconsistent with the provisions of this title are repealed insofar as they are inconsistent with the powers, duties, and responsibilities enacted hereby”… [Except spending and financial reporting].  So Congress has repealed all laws against killing your spouse insofar as they are inconsistent with your duty to protect national security.  The perpetrators find it necessary to violate the one law that they have sworn to defend and uphold – the Constitution.  They also know this argument can hold only as long as outsiders do not hear about it.

The real threat to the national security establishment is the exposure of all the criminal activity of agents perpetrated under cover of title 50.  These spouses have been in a position to witness and hear about many crimes.  That position is a matter of public record and gives them some immediate credibility.  The acrimony that often follows matrimony, or feelings of social responsibility, may motivate them to talk.  Agents also have such usual motives as money, child custody, love, hate, anger, jealousy and power.  They have the unusual temptations of convenience and invulnerability.

There are a few different statistical approaches to demonstrate this use of cancer.  You could use a random sample of agent ex-spouses, under age 40.  In a sample numbering 34 or less, a single cancer, within one year of divorce, represents a positive test result to the 95% confidence level, that this population is under some extraordinary influence.  There is actually more than one in random sample that size.

I launched a Program to Uncover Regular Government Executions (PURGE).  This program avoids the possibility of sampling error and fraud by using the entire population of the FBI and other agencies for which the number of agents is known.  It will overcome the uncertainties of divorce rates and ages by showing that there are too many victims to be accounted for by chance even if every agent divorces a young spouse.  If all 11,000 agents of the FBI divorce a young spouse every ten years they should have ((11000/10)/680)=1.62 of these cancers per year.  Because these assumptions are extremely conservative, and we cannot identify more than a fraction of actual cases, identification of more than 16 cases from the years 1991-2000 is strong evidence.  That is less than one case for every three states in the union. 

By publishing this I have created another interesting proof.  It applies to governments around the world, so do not call me ‘anti-American’.  Look at the health histories of all the spouses of all the public officials who have left office between 4/31/2001 and 10/13/2004.  Get your newspaper to publish lists of all those departed officials from your state and country, and all of their ex-spouses status (alive, dead, known illness).  Your newspapers work to suppress the relevant data, so a complete listing will allow you to identify specific omissions and falsifications.  Since no newspaper will publish such data, we can already recognize the extreme corruption of the world.  That those people have left offices around the world will tell you that a very large number of other people have also been aware of my work, and said nothing.  The ways some of them have left office may also be revealing.  Some US representatives, for example, have lost their congressional districts.  This will show that these criminal conspirators controlled the redistricting process. 

The CIA, among other agencies, maintains a propaganda office.  One technique is to keep long, carefully researched book manuscripts on hold so that in an emergency something can be written, inserted into the manuscript, printed and delivered the next day as if they had been written months or years earlier.  This changing the record of what happened before or after another event is typical of government disinformation.  Book reviews from prominent people bolster the impression of long preparation.  One subject the CIA is most prepared to deal with in this way is the CIA itself.  In his book Bombs, Bugs, Drugs and Thugs (©2000, but received by my library the month after the 2001 radio broadcast mentioned in ‘reactions’, below) Loch Johnson describes that propaganda office (p. 101).  A review of this book by former vice president Walter Mondale is printed on the jacket.  This book also mentions that CIA lie detectors caught one of their people who had killed his wife (p. 104), the message being that this was an aberration that was appropriately dealt with.

On page 182 there is a quote, often used in government propaganda, from an executive order ‘prohibiting’ assassination.  He is referring to Executive Order 12333, section 2.11.  What he doesn’t point out is that section 3.5 of that ‘order’ says that it is only a guideline and has no force – ‘Don’t assassinate, but it’s OK if you do.’  The same executive order applies the same (non)prohibition to human experimentation and domestic infiltration, which also happens on a very large scale.

On page 103 he says the CIA developed an ‘undiscernable microbioinoculator’ for assassination.  The intended message is that this is old news, not secret, and not worthy of any discussion.  The point I take from this is that Mr. Johnson, a former senior congressional staffer for both house and senate intelligence committees, has published acknowledgement that the US Government developed such a weapon.

On page 216 Mr. Johnson describes the creation of a joint presidential-congressional commission to reform the intelligence community.  He says the final factor in initiating the reforms was the revelation of the Aldrich Ames spy case.  He should know; he was special assistant to the chair of that commission (p. 298).  Aldrich Ames pleaded guilty in April, 1994.  The CIA knew it would have to negate those reforms.  Whatever tactic was used would work best if the public were not watching too closely.  In June 1994 Nicole Brown-Simpson was killed.  A rumor was circulated at the outset that Mrs. Simpson’s murder was part of a government plot so as to make the idea seem silly and pointless – the point of the plot was still many months away.  Telling the public that a well loved sports hero had brutally murdered his ex-wife served to distract them.  A year later, at the height of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, the chairman of that commission ate lunch with the director of the CIA at the CIA.  The next morning he was hospitalized.  The day after that, 5/21/1995, Chairman Les Aspin, age 56, died of a ‘stroke’.  In the ‘media whiteout’ of the Simpson trial, no one commented on the circumstances of the death of the man who was to reform the intelligence community.  The commission became the Aspin-Brown Commission and, according to Mr. Johnson, did little but affirm the integrity of US intelligence.

While this explanation may make a lot of sense, it is hard to prove.  There were different directors at the CIA for the two killings.  The Simpson trial lasted a long time, and a lot of things happened in that time.  Mr. Simpson once said that the people who killed Nicole would probably get caught because of something else they did – he was right.  There is another case where the same people did the same thing for the same purpose.  The difference is, this other case was in response to an unexpected crisis, and happened the day after the crisis hit.  I am referring to the disappearance of Washington Intern Chandra Levy (see ‘Reactions’ below).  I don’t prove it, but getting ‘caught’, for these people, is more a matter of public perception than absolute proof.

Some people reject my observations on the grounds that our ‘public servants’ would not or could not do such things.  We pay these ‘servants’ to lie, steal and kill in the most hostile places on earth.  Why would they stop here, where they are most secure to act, but politically vulnerable?  Another objection is that the government has been caught red handed doing worse things than this and never had a major purge.  Interestingly this objection, mutually exclusive to the last one, usually comes from the same people.  I think they simply don’t want to believe it.

In some ways, this is the most shameful, noxious, malevolence in human history.  There has been genocide (like giving smallpox to the Indians), but that is something that is done to groups that are alien in some way.  There have been assassinations of and by members of royal families.  People in all walks of life have always been known to kill their individual spouses.  But there has never been an irrefutable proof, of broad conspiracy, among the most powerful people, in governments all over the world, to use their positions of trust, to murder defenseless women, the mothers of their own children, whom they have personally sworn to love and protect, over a period of decades, by the most agonizing possible means, and lay the blame on God.  Never.


Reactions:  On April 30, 2001, I briefly – and unexpectedly – outlined my thoughts on these spousal cancers in a live radio broadcast, before being cut off.  The next day FBI Director Louis Freeh met with his entire senior staff and then announced his resignation.  He gave no reason.  That same day, 5/1/01, Washington Intern Chandra Levy disappeared.  The ‘media whiteout’ from her case lasted until 9/11/01.  Her one-time lover, Gary Condit, sat on the House Intelligence Committee.  Ms Levy reportedly aspired to be an FBI agent, and had an unidentified FBI boyfriend.

On August 8 I notified Congressman Rohrabacher’s office in writing.  Later that month I delivered about two hundred copies of that letter to attendees of five of his ‘town hall meetings’.  He has never responded.  On August 29 I notified the offices of Senators Feinstein, Boxer and some foreign consulates – including the Chinese Consulate on Shatto Place in Los Angeles.

The Chinese could use my ideas with their data about US agents to produce blackmail.  They could only use it as a doomsday weapon because of the damage it would do to their own government.  The way to remove that blackmail (to the extent that they now have that hold over the US), is to make it completely public.  I think President Bush’s secret agenda included the destruction of China.  In order to do so he would have to implement the plan ahead of schedule, before the Chinese realized what I had given them.  To destroy the nuclear arsenal of China it would be best to make a surprise attack.  The plan has failed, but here is how it would have been possible to attack China, on the other side of the world, with its spies, and its satellite surveillance technology, by surprise.

I visited the Chinese Consulate 13 days before the attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.  The September 11 attacks provided a reason for the US to prepare for war on an unspecified enemy, move a fleet of ships to the Indian Ocean and actually fire missiles to the north without objection from the Chinese (Afghanistan borders on Western China).  The US was able to occupy bases in the central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union.  Those bases would have enabled strikes as deep into Western China as those from the Pacific in the East.

President Bush said we had to keep our target completely secret while openly threatening the Taliban.  These juxtaposed statements imply the Taliban was not the target.  Ordinarily a surprise war would be unconstitutional but in this case Congress had authorized the use of force against those nations “he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided” the 9/11 attacks.  President Bush would have justified this attack by claiming China was behind the September 11 attacks.

Here are some of the background events intended to make the case that China was secretly attacking the America:

·                     When Osama bin Laden was blamed for destroying the US embassies in Africa, it made me think he was either totally ignorant of what was going on in the United States, or he is a secret friend of the CIA.  Those attacks helped President Clinton obtain acquittal when he was impeached on charges of obstruction of justice.  Mr. bin Laden’s background of being trained by the CIA and supplied by the CIA adds to the impression that he is a secret friend.  The years of building him up as the fanatical enemy of the US may all have been to create this one great surprise for China, the US’s only remaining contender for world power.  No one has ever published any evidence that Mr. bin Laden has ordered any attack on the US.  The CIA would have claimed that they did not make any open response to the African embassy bombings, because they didn’t want to reveal their source of information.  They would have claimed they made a ‘cold war’ response instead.  They would have said they sent a message (a message the Chinese could not understand) by bombing the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

·                     That attack (attributed to a mapping error) took place nine months after the US Embassy bombings in Africa.  The CIA doesn’t usually nominate bombing targets for the military.  On 7/22/1999 CIA Director Tenet testified before Congress that what turned out to be the Chinese Embassy was the only target developed by the CIA, struck in the Kosovo war.  NATO sources have already told some European newspapers that the Chinese had been deliberately targeted.

·                     The latest open hostility of China toward the US was clearly initiated by an officer of the Chinese military.  On April-Fool’s-Day 2001 a Chinese jet-fighter collided with an unarmed, propeller driven American surveillance plane.  There was, however, no way for China to find out if that officer was really working for the US.  After damaging the American plane he disappeared into the warm, tropical ocean.  This was presented as a hostile attempt to menace the Americans, resulting in an accidental collision.  After destroying China the US would have ‘discovered’ the Chinese pilot (American agent), and had him describe a Chinese plan to deliberately down the technology laden American plane by crashing into it.  The crash occurred in the most controlled possible way – by inserting the upright part of the tail of the fighter into the propeller of the far left engine of the American plane, from below.  Fighters fly in pairs, so if this were the US plot I perceive, this crash would have to happen on the last available fuel because the downed pilot would need to be alone to meet his US extraction team.  If it were really an accident it would have happened anytime in the flight.  In the event it happened at the last possible minute.  The wingman just had time to fix the location of the parachute – he couldn’t even wait for his partner to hit the water before he had to leave.  For last minute coordination it would be desirable to be able to exchange code words with that pilot when he was at home or at work.  The US was able to do that openly with e-mail.  They claim (4/6/2001 New York Times) to have a picture of him in flight displaying his e-mail address.  The largest search in China’s naval history (4/10/2001 New York Times), under clear skies, for a man with a life raft, radio, signal flare, and wearing a brightly colored life-vest, failed to find him.  There was a report in the American press, from an unnamed Chinese military official, of him being picked up at specific coordinates at 2:00 p.m. the day of the crash.  The fighter pilot was Wang Wei.  In China the family name comes first – Wang.  Does that name sound familiar?

·                     In 1994 the US suffered what was billed as the worst incident of ‘friendly fire’ in its recent military history.  Two Blackhawk helicopters were destroyed over an Iraqi no-fly zone, killing all 26 on board.  The only person court-martialed was an AWACS radar operator.  His testimony was directly contradicted by a recording of the screen he had supposedly been using, but he was acquitted.  His name was Captain Wang (both Jim and Michael were reported first names).

·                     Big budget Hollywood movies can be used to shape public perceptions and expectations.  The one that depicted Arabs trying to blow up New York was the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, appropriately named True lies (©1994).  In it we see that behind the Arab terrorist we can expect to find an agent of China.

A real Chinese plot would make sure their Arab surrogates did all their own preparation, communication, command and control on 9/11/2001.  A plot to fraudulently incriminate China, on the other hand, would want to have ethnic Chinese directly involved.  Aircrews are subject to security checks (then and now) only when they are in public view.  Smuggling blades aboard American Airlines Flight 77 would have been ascribed to Bill Cheng, a regular pilot on that rout, who took that Tuesday off ‘to go camping’ (9/13/2001 New York Times).  Dong Lee, a 48-year old engineer, was a passenger on that flight who could later have been called a spy.  Mr. Lee worked for Boeing, where some airliners were found to have been sabotaged a few years ago.  American Airlines Flight11 had Flight Attendant Betty Ong on board.

The two United flights that day have a less direct, but still compelling clue. UA-93 lost 45 people and UA-175 had 65 deaths.  When you add up the names of all the people identified from those flights – passengers, crew and terrorists – the total is one less than the number reported dead, on each flight.

United’s management has been extremely deceptive and evasive on this question.  The last lie I had from Manager of Information Security Tom Kayser, after months of looking, was that United no longer had the passenger manifests from those flights.  When I first wrote about this in the 4/21/2003 edition of The Pricker I said I thought United would respond to me by claiming the original death toll had been overstated.  On 5/13/2003 that happened when Mr. Kayser told me a fat lady on flight 93 had booked two seats – he was unable to name her and unable to recall who told him that.  I am not even sure that Mr. Kayser works for United, but their public relations staff was just as blatantly deceptive.  The FBI kept these two United identities secret because having Chinese crewmembers associated with all four flights could have alerted China.  United subsequently entered bankruptcy so everyone who knew the two unnamed dead could be laid off, dispersed, and quietly killed.

When the second airplane hit the World Trade Center at 9:03, the whole world knew the US was under airborne attack.  It was another 42 minutes before the Pentagon was hit.  During this interval none of the fighter aircraft of any of the armed services from any of the airbases in the area defended the capital.  The DC Air National Guard – ‘The Capital Guardians’ – and their squadron of F-16s, for example, are based just one minute away from the Pentagon.  This is an indication of intent, in multiple military organizations, to allow further attacks.  The official explanation is that it took too long to arm and launch such aircraft.  Any one aircraft or any one base armory could have some sort of problem that could make this a plausible explanation, but not several bases, at 9:03 am on a clear weekday.  That day NORAD had no alert aircraft within a hundred miles of the District of Columbia.  Since when have Washington bureaucrats ever put their own security in second place?

The FAA waited unbelievably long times to call NORAD for each hijacking.  The flight that hit the Pentagon reversed course at 8:55 and the FAA waited until 9:24 to call NORAD.  NORAD decided to wait for an official invitation to intercept each individual attacker before ordering any of its alert aircraft aloft.  Major Edward Thomas from NORAD public affairs, tells me they could not attack domestic civilian targets without permission, but that is no excuse for not getting into position.

The F16s that lifted off from Langley Air Force Base at 9:30 somehow managed not to go to the capital before 9:45.  The NORAD news release of 9/18/2001, while worded to conceal, reveals some details.  The units of distance, “miles”, in that document are seen to be 1852-meter-long international nautical miles by their specification that it was 153 miles from Otis ANG Base to the first crash site (this is the distance from the base to the New York city limit – 153 statute miles won’t even reach that far).  It states that the F-16s that left Langley AFB (113 miles from the Pentagon) at 9:30 were 105 miles from the crash site at 9:37.  So these supersonic fighters were closing on the capital at a speed you can drive your car (presumably by an indirect rout).  The 9/13/2001 New York Times reported that the Pentagon was hit at 9:45 am.  NORAD ‘estimates’ the crash time was 9:37, based on the loss of signal from some unspecified radar facility, because the longer this indirect approach goes on the worse it looks.  Major Tomas said my words are ‘not helpful’, but offers no substantial rebuttal.  The real cover for this absurdity is people’s urge to believe that defenders will defend.

In order to have the desired psychological impact, the plot would call for the 9/11 attacks to kill many more people on the ground, than died in the airplanes themselves.  The sudden, complete destruction of a major metropolitan landmark would have been preferred to mere damage and defacement.  To achieve these objectives the twin towers would have to come down.  The problem was that they were built to withstand the impact of airliners.  Ensuring the fall of the towers would require explosive charges, placed just below the damage from the aircraft.  The demolition teams would require elevators to get in and out before the firefighters could climb the stairs.  That complex elevator system was such that every floor was near the top of some elevator shafts.  Photos and witnesses say that floors beneath the crash sites still had electricity, so the lower elevators were operable.

On page 28 of his Report From Ground Zero (Viking, 2002) Denis Smith reports Deputy Chief Hayden saying the firefighters at the elevator control panel in the lobby of tower one did not have control of the elevators.  The demolition teams would want to appear as police, so no one would give them orders, but have air tanks to get close to the damaged floors.  On page 38 Mr. Smith describes a group of police with masks, blue hardhats, air tanks, and large black nylon satchels.  They passed through the lobby of building one and into a stairwell just before the other building was hit.  These may have been some of the 14 NYPD Emergency Services Officers lost that day, but it was just that easy for anyone to carry anything into those buildings.

In order to control the movements of elevators and security personnel the perpetrators would have to control the WTC security department.  That control took the form of Chief of Security John O’Neill.  This man (nicknamed ‘The Count’, ‘The Prince of Darkness’ and ‘Satan’) was a senior FBI agent.  He spent the last several years heading major investigations of Osama bin Laden.  To stifle conspiracy theorists it would be desirable to claim to find his lifeless body.  The body identified as his was found just ten days after the attacks in a collapsed stairwell – a remarkably short time since he should have been below most of the other bodies in the wreckage.  The stairwells were in the building core and he was last seen alive outside that building after the second crash.  Most of the other bodies had not been recovered by June 2002.  Under the circumstances any similar body found in his clothes would be identified as John O’Neill.

Evidence of foreknowledge of a crime is usually used to convict criminals, but in his case it has been cited to praise how smart he was (Frontline, ‘The man who knew’, PBS, etc.).  O’Neill has been quoted as saying, in the weeks and within hours before the attacks, that “Something big is going to happen.”  Not saying that terrorists would try something big, but that it ‘would happen’.  John O’Neill was married but in the weeks before the attacks he talked of marrying two other girlfriends.  Such conflicting commitments might not bother someone who was planning to vanish forever.  He made good money and lived with a working woman, but ran his credit up to the limit, even taking personal loans.  There are conflicting reports about whether Agent O’Neill started that job before or after my first visit to the Chinese Consulate, but this point is not critical to my model of his mission.  The fact that there are conflicting reports is, in itself, suggestive but I think my actions only accelerated a plot that was already going forward.

The afternoon of October 5, 2001 I tried to interfere with this plan by telling the Chinese why I thought this was happening.  In Afghanistan that was the morning of October 6.  The next day the US began bombing there.  Starting on 10/9/2001 I delivered a written description of my interpretation to several hundred people.  If that interpretation were correct, the administration would want to make some excuse to explain my knowledge that China had been our target.  That same day President Bush made such an excuse by complaining of information leaking from congress.

These crimes are bad for stock markets.  Sharp declines in stock markets around the world from the previous week, and from the previous day, made newspaper headlines on 9/11/2001.  That decline was the result of the withdrawal of vast capital – far more than the value of stocks under the influence of Osama bin Laden.


Lies:  The plot to destroy China was only a part of a much greater overarching conspiracy.  I will describe it to you.  There are lies all around us.  Not exaggerations, or mistakes, or alternative interpretations; I mean deliberate, carefully crafted deceptions, from the trivial to the very foundations of our perceived reality.  I want to demonstrate these lies to you in a convincing way, so I will give you some examples.  People expect to be lied to for money, murder, politics, military and technological things, so I will not use those lies as examples here.  I will start with something far removed from our daily struggles.  There is nothing farther from us than astronomy.  In astronomy, the thing that is farthest is the big bang.

The big bang does not seem to have much use in getting anything for anybody, so people assume that analysis of it, while perhaps flawed, is generally honest.  It is not.  This overwhelmingly dominant idea about the origin and structure of the universe is false.  It may have started as a misinterpretation, but over most of its history it has been promoted as a deliberate lie.  I have already described how the biggest sociopolitical events of today have been fabrications.  Now, by showing that the biggest thing in physical science has been falsified for decades, I will show that there is no field of inquiry that should not be suspect.

The big bang theory says that all matter in the universe started in one place billions of years ago, and expanded to the way we see it now.  The origin and basis of this theory is the observation that everything now seems to be moving away from us.  Galaxies seem to be moving away from us because light from them has shifted to greater wavelengths than it was emitted at.  It is called a ‘redshift’.  “For some years after Hubble demonstrated the law of redshifts and tied it to the expanding universe, attempts were made to reinterpret the redshifts as resulting from other causes – for example, the tired light phenomenon – but gradually these ideas died away.” – Arp, et al, nature, vol. 346, p. 807.  As Mr. Arp knows very well, those ideas did not all die a natural death.  Light traveling many millions of years in this universe really does lose energy, here is how; I will break it down to two separate ideas for explanation.

First, there is a relativistic effect called ‘transverse redshift’.  When an object moves at speeds near the speed of light, without approaching or receding from an observer, but across the observer’s line of sight, light from that object appears to be redshifted.  At ordinary speeds the effect is too small to be noticed, but it is still there – it is inherent in the relative motion.

Second, light interacts gravitationally.  Light passing a heavy mass, like the sun or a galaxy, changes course slightly.  By placing one stellar mass after another in a ring, it would be theoretically possible to send photons back in the direction from which they came, using gravity alone.  If the ring of masses we use to do this were moving away from the source of the photons, the reflected photons would be redshifted, by this purely gravitational interaction with these moving masses along their path.  Now combine the two explanatory ideas.  If the hypothetical ring of masses has only transverse motion, the reflected photons would be redshifted.  This process also stretches out the space between photons.  This can produce an apparent paradox analogous to the special relativistic case where two observers in relative motion each see the other’s clock moving slower than their own.

Out in the real universe there are countless masses moving in all directions.  For each mass moving toward us there is another moving away, so any Doppler shifts from these motions tend to cancel each other.  But virtually all mass has some transverse component to its motion.  The transverse motion may be small, but it is not exactly zero.  The mass may be small, but it is not exactly zero.  The distance from passing photons may be great, but it is finite.  Over millions of years, even the smallest effect may become measurable, if it is not exactly zero.

Now we can see that some or all of the distance related redshift of galaxies is not due to the recessional velocity of those galaxies.  Some or all of it is due to interactions the light has along the way.  There is no particular reason to think that any of it is due to an overall expansion of the universe.  There is no other substantial evidence that the universe is expanding, so the big bang theory is really just a big bluff.  Leading big bang opponents, like Halton Arp position themselves to keep the truth from coming out, and to take credit when it does come out.

Here is another lie.  This one is at the roots of physical chemistry: ‘At any temperature above absolute zero, hydrogen has some vapor pressure.’  At about 14° Kelvin liquid hydrogen freezes.  Below that temperature it is a solid or a gas, depending on pressure.  At 4° K our experts claim that vapor pressure is too low to be measured, but ever-so-slightly more than zero.  The truth is, it is not more than zero.  They claim to know there is an extremely small vapor pressure at this temperature because someone calculated it, without measurement.

This lie tries to present hydrogen as a sort of ideal gas, but only after the pressure drops too low to be measured.  Any chemistry textbook can tell you that all real gasses vary from the ideal gas law to become a liquid, or a solid, before they reach absolute zero.  Apparently, common sense makes those authors forget the lie about hydrogen.  Hydrogen gas is far from ideal.  It does not even have spherical symmetry; there are two atoms in each molecule (H2).  This could not be a mistake, it can only be fraud.

To understand the significance of this lie, look in places where temperatures and pressures are always that low, all around us.  Think of the average space in the universe.  The average space in the universe is not in some tiny planet, star, galaxy or galactic cluster.  No, the spaces you will hit in the universe if you choose at random are in the vast intergalactic voids.  If you were there, you would see absolutely nothing, in all directions.  The nearest galaxy would be too far away to see.  The temperature in the average space in the universe is 2.7° K.  The matter in the average space in the universe is made of the simplest of elements – hydrogen.

According to government experts there is not much hydrogen in those voids, because if there were it would be a gas, and we would see the tell-tale absorption spectra in light passing through the voids.  It is there.  It is not a gas.  At 2.7° K it has condensed into a solid.  Like any other solid, it glows with a light characteristic of its temperature.

So we come to another huge lie: ‘The 2.7° thermal cosmic background radiation is the afterglow of the big bang.’  And another huge lie: ‘The universe is full of cold dark matter, but we don’t know what it is.’  If you could take a single stellar mass and divide it into masses the size of snowflakes, it would have the surface area of a whole galaxy of stars.  The cold dark hydrogen is more massive than all the stars in the universe, and it is divided into smaller masses.  It has many, many times the surface area.

The surface area of these solid particles of hydrogen is so great that it obscures our view of distant objects.  In the last few years, the apparent brightness of type 1a supernovae with known luminosity has been observed to be lower than expected, when the redshift is great.  That has been cited as evidence that the expansion of the universe is speeding up.  That has, in turn, lead to talk about the ‘dark energy’ that powers the expansion.  All of which is just smoke and mirrors.  The brightness of those supernovae is lowered by obscuring particles of hydrogen between there and here.  Microwaves are absorbed earlier than visible light because hydrogen vapor condenses into slender needles.

Olbers’ paradox says that if there are an infinite number of stars spread throughout the universe, then every line of sight must meet a star and the night sky must glow uniformly, which observation shows not to be true.  Now we know that every line of sight does meet a solid mass.  The night sky does glow uniformly.  It glows at the temperature of those masses, not white hot, but cold black.  ‘Olbers’ glow’ would be a more appropriate term than ‘cosmic background radiation’.

Most people would not think that anyone would even want to lie about cosmology, let alone do it on such an extraordinary scale.  What is there to gain or lose?  These lies have been created especially because there is no apparent reason to lie about these subjects.  The purpose for these lies is the establishment of a permanent and total, global despotism.


‘The Enterprise’:  An alien race is here on earth.  It is not real, it is a government fraud.  The idea was that a fake alien space ship would come to earth.  It is a colossal metallized balloon, to be inflated with a puff of gas.  Its orbit would be low enough to show off its size, but high enough that only our trusted experts could make a direct inspection.  The inside of the ship is actually buried underground.  It is a sort of giant simulator, intended to convince passengers that they are out in space – space with earth-like gravity.  Many elements of StarTrek were intended to shape our thinking about such things.  The televised voyages of the starship ‘Enterprise’ were designed by the CIA.  ‘The Enterprise’ is a well known slang reference to the CIA.

A ‘transporter’ is used to ‘beam’ passengers (under anesthesia) to some of the planets they visit.  The forest planets, desert planet, water world, etcetera, look a lot like earth, except for the strange (genetically and surgically altered) creatures.  The ice planet looks like Antarctica in winter, except it has a tiny ‘sun’ (carried by a helicopter with quiet, oversized rotors).  They can even visit real spacecraft fitted with digital (false) view screens.  Earth’s distinctive moon is avoided with timing and terrain.

An alien spaceship would have to come from an alien civilization, so where is it?  The answer to this question would be to point to the sources of intelligent signals that are already known, but that would be claimed to be new communications with the spaceship.  To make this seem possible, they would claim to be communicating faster than light, which is really not possible at all.  They would say their home world is sending a modulated beam of particles (tachyons) which travel faster than light, and give off photons as they go.  Continuing observations from around the world would prove conclusively that the signals originate from a star beyond the reach of any human influence, so these lies would seem to be irrefutable.  This plot was the purpose for which the existence of tachyons was originally hypothesized back at the same time the original StarTrek series was televised.  The lie that ‘wormholes’ can provide shortcuts from place to place is used to explain their physically impossible travel.

A race capable of such things would have to be far more advanced than our own and it would show.  They would have to know many things that we do not know.  Cures for our major diseases have been suppressed so these aliens can cure them, either by telling us how, or by using alien ‘magic’.  The alien ‘magic’, like ADM ‘nutriceuticals’, would really just be the cessation of certain types of assassination.  Our sciences have been peppered with falsehoods deliberately, so the fraudulent aliens could show their superior knowledge.  They were going to show us how distance related redshifts really happen, and how cold, dark hydrogen shapes the universe.  They would have kept from us the truth about matter and space-time, because that truth would show their claims to be impossible.  Our greatest experts would have assured us that the alien’s knowledge cold not have come from here.

Real aliens have alien physiology.  Most of the fake aliens who were to be in direct contact with us are cosmetically altered humans, like the races of StarTrek.  To explain their clearly human structure, the plan was to say that the aliens serving as liaisons with earth are descendants of earthlings, taken away thousands of years ago.

As a dazzling display of alien powers, the volunteers transported to the alien mother ship with the passage of comet Hale-Bopp were to be presented alive and well.  At the time they were taken, 1997, they were presented as delusional kids committing suicide to follow the charismatic leader of the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ cult.  Those kids did not commit suicide.  They were cloned, identical twins, and they were murdered.  If the government has to deny this allegation it may now be considered necessary to kill the original cult members, and their fake alien hosts.  It is desirable for us to get them back alive because of what they might tell us about real government science, technology, and fraud.  Government’s refusal to release them will indicate their continuing intent to deceive.

The acronym ‘SETI’ stands for ‘Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence’.  It is also partly a play on words because a prime example of what they are supposedly searching for is Ceti – 18 Ceti in the constellation Cetus, the whale.  This star, spectral type G2, visual magnitude 6.15, is at (J2000) right ascension 0h 45m 28.s, declination -12° 52m 50s.  It is the home of a real, live, alien civilization.  One transmitter, in the 1-3 GHz band, is clearly detectable with a 50 meter telescope.  You might think you could prove this assertion at once.  Keep in mind, however, that radio telescopes have examined that star before, and usually find nothing.  What people fail to take into account is that governments already know where these sources are, and actively conceal them.  We have the colleagues and the equipment that serve government.

The supposed beam of tachyons for communicating with the ship would have to be nearly instantaneous to function across many light-years.  To show that tachyons are real, the fake aliens would have 18 Ceti use tachyons to return to us Morse code radiotelegraph signals we transmitted 104 years ago.  Our first regular transatlantic radiotelegraph service in 1903 was strong enough to be detectable at 18 Ceti.  They claim 18 Ceti is 104 light-years away, so it would require an almost instantaneous response for the signals to return here, when they should only now be arriving there.  The trick is that 18 Ceti is really only 52 light-years away, and those Morse code signals are the expected form of the first hailing from the real aliens of 18 Ceti, sent 50 years ago.  Hailing signals should be much stronger than previous signals from 18 Ceti, and are expected to arrive here around 2007.

The Hipparcos satellite, of the European Space Agency, reported the parallax of 18 Ceti to be 31.39 miliarc-seconds.  To demonstrate the actual 62 miliarc-seconds of parallax, you may need to retrofit your observatory’s telescope with an old-fashioned photographic plate.  That is because it is too easy to alter modern digital images before you see them, in the same way that radio telescope signals are substituted before the honest observer sees them.  If you are honest, you may get fired or killed before you can finish the job.  In the safety of a group you should realize that some of your group, especially the leader, may serve the government.  All antigovernment groups, even the small ones, end up being controlled by the government.

Another fake alien power is the use of tachyons to cause earthquakes.  It is really done with explosives planted in the ground or underwater.  Large hydrogen bombs release energy comparable to the energy of major earthquakes.  To make the largest quakes, a line of bombs is used.  Moment magnitude is different from the Richter scale, in that it depends on the length of the fault that moves, rather than the amplitude of the shaking.  Because of the move to describing great quakes in terms of this new scale, an earthquake can be made arbitrarily great by lengthening its line of bombs.  A mix of bomb sizes conceals the characteristic motion from a big bomb.

To make an earthquake really memorable, it must have deadly consequences.  A very damaging product of earthquakes is tsunamis.  To make a tsunami, detonate one or more of your earthquake bombs in deep water.  Governments have done underwater nuclear tests.  Did you ever wonder why we were never shown the effects of such tests where the water was deep enough to contain the blast?  To explain the dead fish it has been published that strong quakes sometimes kill fish.

A geologically active area, near a populated shore, would be chosen.  Targeting people who are rebellious would also be desired.  It would happen in daylight to hide the flashes, and so government sympathizers could be called out of danger, with their families, on ordinary business.  It appears that one of these artificial quakes produced the deadliest tsunami in history, at 0:58:53 UTC (7:00 am, local time), on 12/26/04.

The fake aliens would have claimed that was one of the earthquakes that they had caused.  They would say 18 Ceti had used a tachyon pulse to release forces building up in the earth’s crust.  By releasing those forces early, they would say, they saved us from an even greater catastrophe later.  They would say that the earth’s crust is most affected by tachyons moving perpendicular to the surface of the earth.  The purpose for this claim would have been to use the position of 18 Ceti to substantiate their claim to be the source of the tachyons.  On 12/26/04, 18 Ceti passed over the point on the earth opposite the site of the tsunami about an hour before the event.

They would say their tachyon pulses needed to be applied at the time that 18 Ceti is at right angles to the sun.  That way, the tachyons have a minimum risk of hitting the sun, or of altering our orbit with the ‘gravitons’ stimulated by the passing tachyons.  The winter day for this orientation is December 26.  They would also have claimed to utilize the tidal forces of the sun and moon to help release the fictitious tectonic energy, and make the tsunami at the lowest possible ocean tide.  So they chose a year when the full moon fell on December 26, namely, 2004.  Meanwhile the young members of the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ cult are there to witness everything and, later, tell us it was all true.

It is said that land masses have shifted, but that is only detected with government satellites.  Bombs would not make a shoreline rise, so the perpetrators have added pictures of raised shoreline to their evidence.  Page 574 in volume 434 of Nature (3/31/05, a month after I first made this allegation) has a fine example.  Kerry Sieh shows us hundreds of meters of curved shoreline 1.5 meters below a slender beach on the Southwest coast of Simeulue.  He describes it as evidence of uplift.  By now you probably think I would turn their own photographic evidence against them, so I will not disappoint you.  That picture clearly shows 10-20 cm (4-8 in) high ridges extending from the land into the water.  Those ridges, common to hard coral shores around the world, take many years to form, and prove the shoreline has not changed at that site.  The 1.5 meter high slope between the water and the narrow beach looks as if it had had the sand swept off it with a fire hose.  An inset picture shows coral heads left high and dry on a neighboring reef.  Since we know the water level has not changed at that site, the explanation is clear; fraud.  The meter high coral heads must have been placed there by people.  This is not some petty fraud for more aid money, Mr. Sieh is a professor at the renowned ‘Cal. Tech.’, Nature is the world’s most prestigious scientific journal, and the ‘uplift’ did not appear to hurt anything.  Mr. Sieh acknowledges to me that the present water level is the same as it previously was, but explains that the land had subsided for years and has now by extraordinary coincidence (transparent lie), sprung back up to the same level.   Nature refused to print a retraction.

Government voices may claim that the radioactive residue of these bombs would leave such a strong signature that it could not be hidden.  Governments know, having detonated hundreds of these bombs, that ocean currents rapidly disperse entrained radioactive material.  They also know that the most radioactive isotopes have a short half-life and have, by now, already decayed.  They also know that virtually all Geiger counters on Sumatra are controlled by governments.  They also know that the sea-bed in that area is not easy to sample, because it is thousands of feet from the surface.  They can complain any time about ‘illegal dumping’ of radioactive waste there.  I have learned personally that regardless of what kind of incriminating evidence is found, there is no one to report it to.  No newspaper would publish it, and no broadcaster would broadcast it, even in California.  For example, my proof of the existence of the pricker is absolute.  In Indonesia that situation may be even worse.  Just staying alive with such information can be nearly impossible.

Another passenger on the fake alien ship is an imposter of Jesus of Nazareth.  His knowledge of languages, people and things is enhanced by a radio transceiver implanted in his ear.  If killed he is able to resurrect himself, with a little help from some identical twins, waiting in reserve.  The ‘Heaven’s Gate’ cult members were to be presented as some of those who had experienced the ‘rapture’ of rising to meet Christ on his return to earth.  The highly promoted pseudo prophetic Left Behind series of books were intended to explain the bad things we experienced here.  Those bad things (including nuclear war with China, SARS, the tsunami, the Danube flood, Africa’s famine, America’s drought, forest fires, terrorist attacks, war with Iraq, West Nile virus, etcetera), were to make us rejoice that Jesus was here to make it all better.

These aliens would have shown us a world where anything was possible.  Any fantasy that the government wanted would have been achievable.  Rather than fantasy terrorists, we could have been attacked by the ‘Borg (StarTrek cyborgs).  By pitting ‘protective’ implants against ‘Borg implants, we could all end up with motivational implants.  Whatever scenario they chose would have enabled a permanent and absolute enslavement of all people on this planet.  Even the people planning to be in command would have become efficient, computer controlled things.  That was the purpose of UFOs, area 51, Chariots of the Gods, string theory, wormholes, tachyons, alien abductions, the big bang and countless other lies for the last 60 years.  It has been the purpose for millions of deaths by prickers, poisons, and natural, but curable diseases.

This plot was a foremost consideration in the formation of the CIA.  Governments around the world have cooperated in its development, and it appears that China and the US are still working together on it.  In the last days of 2004, it appears to me, they murdered hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting men, women, and children, just to add a little more credibility to their lies.  They must bring it to completion by 2007, because those strong hailing signals are coming from 18 Ceti, whether they like it or not.  But now they can not complete it because someone has read about it in advance.  That is you.  You may say it is farfetched now, but when those hailing signals get here from 18 Ceti, there won’t be any doubt, and you will know it.

Since 2/27/05, this publication may have destroyed this specific plot, but it has also destroyed government’s ability to acknowledge the truth about our sciences and diseases, without acknowledging their guilt in causing these things.  The technology, bureaucracy, and intent to enslave and destroy us remains intact, and continues to grow stronger.  Their capacity to strike us with terrorists or plagues like SARS or ‘avian flu’ is impaired for the moment, but we must press this advantage.


Cloaks and Daggers:  I have delivered The Pricker to the homes of people who subsequently died in ‘accidents’ which came to my attention.  ‘Accidents’ are caused in a variety of ways, often through the deliberate actions of another vehicle operator.  Among the mechanical ‘failures’ are the blowouts popularized by Firestone tires a few years ago.  They are caused with an infrared laser.  In rural areas, deer, moose, and cattle can be trained to run in front of a car.

The ‘accident’ itself is often not lethal.  It is used as an excuse to get the victim alone in an ambulance.  Pure nitrogen, without oxygen, can cause coma or brain death.  Breaking the skull completes the picture of an accidental injury.  A controlled blow to the chest can damage the heart beyond repair.  Injected clotting agent or air causes pulmonary embolism.  This is often where strokes are induced (Chairman Aspin lived alone, so no ambulance was required in his case).  Strokes are induced by injecting clotting agent into the internal carotid artery of a drugged victim.  The needle wound is hidden in the pharynx, behind the posterior tonsillar pillar.  Note that most natural strokes do not start by making the victim unconscious.  All these things seem beyond suspicion because the ambulance attendant could not have caused the original event that brought the victim to them.  The original event seems beyond suspicion because it could not have been reliably lethal.  Accidents are chaotic unpredictable events.  Drugged food can not cause a stroke.  In all these cases the ambulance can deliver the victim alive.

If you have a live broadcast on these matters, you can start by saying the word ‘pricker’, that way at least a few listeners will understand why you got cut off.  Once a person is publicly associated with this keyword, doing anything to them would tend to draw attention to the keyword, which is the last thing the government wants.  The 7/10/03 San Francisco Chronicle describes a huge fire at Duke Energy’s Moss Landing power plant, starting in the evening on 7/8/03 (p. A19).  That fire would have made a fine excuse for turning off the electricity on the morning of 7/9/03.  At my house the power was out for an hour and a half that morning but the power stayed on for Moss Landing.  Anyway, a couple of pages further on, the Chronicle obituaries tell of the death of KPFA’s morning news anchor on the afternoon of 7/9/03.  Chris Bruney was 44 years old, and died of an apparent heart attack in his car.  A fake heart attack can be induced with an oral poison or, in Mr. Bruney’s case, by spraying a toxin in the victim’s face.  The last time someone tried that with me, it was a sewer snake from a neighbor’s house up to my kitchen sink.  Mr. Bruney graduated from El Modena High School, in the City of Orange where I had delivered hundreds of copies of The Pricker.  KPFA is the San Francisco affiliate of the Pacifica Radio Network.

On 8/14/03 the Northeast was struck by the largest blackout in US history.  I found that Pacifica station WBAI in New York had a weekly program on ‘political prisoners and police oppression’.  One of the hosts, Safiya Bukhari could not do the program on 8/14 because of the blackout.  She could not do the program the next Thursday night because she was hospitalized.  She could not do it the week after that because she was dead.  Government operatives often team-up with radicals.  Ms Bukhari’s co-host Sally O’Brien told me Safiya died of a prolonged illness (by which she meant natural ), but refused to specify the cause of death.  After asking who I was, she declined to talk at all.  Ms Bukhari’s sister said it was a heart attack.  A heart attack is a plausible fit for an obese 53-year-old diabetic, but it wasn’t a ‘prolonged illness’ – Ms Bukhari was working on the day of the blackout.  Although she was a Muslim her funeral was held at the church of, and attended by, the only person in New York City to whom I had confirmed delivery of The Pricker by reading out loud over the telephone.

If you appear in person, you can address a large audience even in a blackout, if you have a backup power supply.  The Righteous Brothers lived in Newport Beach where I had delivered thousands of copies of this document.  Their song ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’’ is the most played single ever on American radio.  On11/5/03 Bobby Hatfield was found dead in his hotel room, even as the crowd gathered for the first show of their latest tour.  The medical examiner told me his cause of death was myocardial infarction, due to severe atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries.  A month later I raised the possibility that he was assassinated with a toxin, in the 12/7/03 edition of The Pricker.  If correct another autopsy might find clean coronary arteries in this 63-year-old victim.  After a few more weeks, while it was still said the coronary arteries were in bad shape, the death certificate was amended to change the cause of death to ‘acute cocaine toxicity’.  His friends said he didn’t use cocaine, none was found at the scene, and he ‘died in his sleep’.  The medical examiner said she told Mrs. Hatfield about this at about the same time Mrs. Hatfield was hospitalized with a couple of stokes. 

On 12/8/04, thirty seconds after the heavy metal band ‘Damageplan’ came on stage, a gunman killed one of them.  The victim, Darrell Abbott was a former member of ‘Pantera’.  While he may have never heard of The Pricker, this kind of crime can be used to send a powerful message; ‘Even in America, even in front of a crowd of fans, you are vulnerable, keep quiet.’

Perhaps this story would interest an author like Gary Web.  He’s the reporter who wrote about the CIA involvement in America’s crack cocaine epidemic.  He was found shot in the head on 12/10/04.  A suicide note was on his door.  His obituaries said his CIA story had been discredited but, by their own description, the ‘discredit’ consisted of failures to corroborate.  That kind of ‘discredit’ might befall any true story.

A famous counter-culture figure like Hunter Thompson might be interested.  He was found shot in the mouth on 2/20/05.  More care is taken to prepare the ‘suicide’ of a famous person like Mr. Thompson.  He married a woman (after 2001), who could poison him to induce chronic pain, drug him for the ‘suicide’, and afterward say he planned it.  She says he was awake at the time of his death – she talked to him on the phone.  It is very unlikely that any recording of that conversation would exist (on an answering machine, for example), unless it was faked to corroborate her story.  These shootings, usually with the victim’s own gun, look like suicide because anyone else present would disturb the spray of blood.  They are done with special ‘RC’ ammunition.  An empty shell casing is reloaded, without replacing the primer, bearing the impression of the firing pin.  A radio controlled igniter is packed into the propellant charge.  It is made of nitrocellulose and metal foil that is consumed with the propellant.  RC rounds can also be used to make ‘accidents’ happen.  In Mr. Thompson’s case, a video camera built into his home electronics would monitor him.  That way his assassins could leave the house to wait for Mr. Thompson’s son to come and hear the shot, and witness no one else at the scene.

I am not trying to prove anything with these deaths, or the many others I have noted.  I haven’t yet been told these people have even seen my work, let alone planned to talk about it.  I mention them to warn you, and help you to make sense of this situation.  If you are one of the few people who ever address a large live audience, and have now read this, you will be subject to extraordinary surveillance to determine your intent.  Surveillance technology is now much more invasive, and pervasive than most people realize.  In order to help you keep your intentions secret, I outline some spy techniques:

·         It is said that the National Security Agency uses ‘radio telepathy’ to send thoughts, or eavesdrop on them.  It is true.  It is described in these outlandish terms in order to make it sound foolish and impossible.  It sounds impossible because they don’t tell you what can be implanted in the target.  An antenna of just the right length will selectively reflect radio waves of a given wavelength.  That is how the security device at your library detects books which have not been detuned with a magnet.  If the end of the antenna is contained in a conductive cavity, the capacitance of the cavity alters the frequency of the reflected radio waves.  If sound waves change the shape of a part of the cavity, made of foil, then the capacitance of the cavity, and the frequency of the reflected radio waves, will be modulated by the sound waves.  This type of listening device was widely publicized several years after one was found in the US embassy in Moscow, in 1952.  It was called a ‘passive cavity transmitter’.  In 1952 it had a 0.775 inch (20 mm) diameter cavity and a 9 inch (¼ meter) antenna, for use with 330 MHz (36 inch, 1 meter) radio waves (see CIA Special Weapons & Equipment, ©1993, H. Keith Melton, appendix).  In order to trade the ¼ meter antenna for a ¼ centimeter (1/10 inch) one you simply have to shorten the radio wavelength from 1 meter to 1 centimeter (2/5 inch).  The result is a device that is tiny enough for your dentist to implant in your mouth.  That is close enough to pick up your most intimate whisper.  There is no battery to change, so it will last forever.  If you have ever had any position of influence, or any political, financial, scientific, or government interests, you can assume that you have one of these.  They come in a variety of frequencies and are active only when energized by the incident beam, so interference from other passive cavities is not a big problem.  Metal structures tend to block their connection.  Until we can obtain a suitable political resolution of this problem, I suggest you be aware of what passes your lips.

·         The same type of device is also used as an implantable receiver.  The original beam is modulated with the desired sound wave, which varies the electrostatic force in the cavity, which moves the foil, producing sound.  The sound is tiny but audible if it is inside your ears.  The devices are implanted with a needle.  Even the lay public knows that hearing voices in your head is a symptom of schizophrenia.  It is so well publicized because it is a lie.  The voices may tell the victim that there is a microchip in their brain, or other nonsense, but the voices are real.  A voice may claim to be God. It can clearly demonstrate a superior knowledge of, and control over events around the victim.  Suitable victims can be trained to kill people like Darrell Abbott, Princess Dianna, John Lennon, or destroy the world trade center.  This is how commands are sent to trained animals. 

·         The same devices serve to track the victim when they are out of sight.  They can also track money, guns, drugs, or other objects.  This technology could even track wild flies if necessary – entomologists have published reports of doing exactly that.

·         Most telephones are manufactured in such a way as to allow line current to energize the microphone even when the hook switch is depressed.  Different model telephones require different techniques to activate, but they are observable in the same way.  When they are active, you can measure the voltage on the microphone.  Modern telephones have good, sensitive microphones, suitable for room monitoring.

·         Telephones which work against you may not work for you.  I am sorry you can not ‘cold call’ my telephone.  I have had some blocked calls and one apparent impersonation.  A friend told me that she called my house and spoke to my mother, who said dreadful things about me.  Neither my mother, nor anyone else, has been in my house in years.  This is an application of call forwarding – away from my house, or some other telephones where it is known I will call.  ‘Harmless’ calls are routed back to me.

·         The flow of information in ordinary telephone traffic would be enough to overwhelm all the spies in the country if they had to sit and listen to it all.  When the murmurs of passive cavities and unused telephones are added, how can it all be overheard?  Microcomputers understand human speech, and recognize human speakers.  They are cheap enough to have one for every phone line, or even every person, in the country.  They do not sleep, or forget, or betray their masters.  They can be distributed so the raw data doesn’t have to go too far.

·         Video cameras have been hidden in innocuous equipment for years.  They are now small and cheap enough to be built into home electronics regularly in some models.  The cost is so low that it doesn’t matter if many of them are not useful.  Even the people on the assembly line don’t have to know what they are making.  The transmissions are turned off most of the time.  To avoid missing anything, but not clog the lines of communication, the first bit of analysis can be done at the camera.  Nothing I can say will establish how common or rare these things are.  If you are concerned, plug your TV into the electrical outlet controlled by the wall switch, that way the lamp on that circuit can serve to remind you that your TV is active.

·         Computers also see mail.  The first person I mailed this to was a talk radio personality.  When I called to ask him what he thought he seemed to think my ideas “about breast cancer” were foolish.  He refused to consider that anyone would have substituted a forgery for this mail, but denied recognizing the word ‘pricker’ (my previous writing had been about cancers, but no prickers).  Such tampering was fully enabled by the ‘terrorist’ anthrax mailings.  It is easier to monitor and tamper with e-mail, so you may want to read a sample of this document out loud over the telephone if you want to assess its arrival, as sent.

·         Computers also see vehicle license plates.  In the past, recording and recalling every vehicle passing a camera required tremendous data handling capacity.  By today’s standards that much data is trivial.  Most street cameras are not visible.

·         These technical advances have freed an army of government spies from their offices.  They spend careers socializing and making false friendships.  It has been said that in communist countries, such spies make up a significant fraction of the population.  In the US, where the government is more capable of fielding such an army, the idea is dismissed as a paranoid delusion.  Any honest person who has access to large, live audiences may be certain that such spies are close to them.

·         It has been reported that the KGB used short half-life radioisotopes to contaminate surveillance targets.  A Geiger counter is then used to identify things the target has touched.  The target may be handed something (like money) or have the isotope sprayed directly on them.  I have been anointed in this special way by Americans – it gave me a burn.

·         Criminal law is a major tool in recruiting new spies, ensuring their loyalty, and generally increasing the power of governments.  The more criminal activity there is the more power governments are justified in exerting.  They recognize this, and secretly promote crime.  Government’s first choice for getting a coercive hold on someone is to exploit the target’s own predilections and behaviors.  If you can not be coaxed to do something illegal, they may try to frame you in such a way as to suggest you were caught by an honest mistake.  Failing that, a frank, direct frame-up may be used.

·         Hospital operating rooms are used to torture unsuspecting victims.  Amnesic drugs are used to keep the victim from remembering their torture.  Surgery provides access to people who live and sleep with others.  It also provides an excuse for the immediate killing, or crippling of the victim, depending on what the torture reveals.

·         Sensors placed on the head can detect electrochemical activity in the brain.  There is a particular pattern of activity when the brain recognizes something it has encountered before.  The production of that pattern is instantaneous, and involuntary.  Recording this brain activity is called ‘brain fingerprinting’, and has been publicized as a crime-fighting tool.  It can tell whether the target has read The Pricker.

Given the kind of technical capabilities I describe in this document, it should be clear that any effective resistance in Iraq must have a government behind it.  The government behind the Iraqi resistance must be known to US intelligence.  The government behind the Iraqi resistance is the US Government.  Just as the American puppet Ayatollah Khomeini helped American fascists to neutralize and oust President Carter, Islamic fundamentalists served as our fake enemies in the Taliban, and Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network serve as our enemies in the ‘war on terror’, we also face the American puppets of the Iraqi resistance.  If they were real enemies they would draw attention to The Pricker and send the Americans home without a fight.  But they are controlled by the US, and are primed to slaughter young Americans until you can think of nothing else.  When clever Nazis run your country, a phrase like ‘support our troops’ translates to ‘sacrifice our soldiers’.

Because people in Iraq are likely to show more interest in this than Americans, the army would attack and kill those who had heard of it.  Those who surrendered would also be killed.  Because soldiers sometimes talk about such things, they have to be discredited as ‘nuts’.  60 Minutes (2/27/05, CBS), and Frontline (3/1/05, PBS) have aired segments on ‘combat stress teams’ to publicize how insane our soldiers are.  Frontline specifically described the case of a soldier (Jeff Lucey) who said he had been ordered to shoot prisoners.  Mr. Lucey was subsequently found hanging by his neck.  This kind of ‘insanity’ can be created by having wild women ply the target with crack cocaine, alcohol and (without his knowledge) steroids.   He may then display emotional lability and break up with his girlfriend.  Before and after all kinds of covert attacks, the victims are commonly drugged to induce various psychiatric conditions.  A powerful hallucinatory or anxiety episode can undermine the victim’s credibility.

We should not expect ‘the media’ to address these problems until many people have already heard about them.  Most have done a fine job of ignoring these facts so far.  When the story does catch on we can expect extreme distortion and ‘spin’.  I have never seen or heard of any published or broadcast references to The Pricker.  The internet is an excellent environment for disinformation.  What people see there can be tailored for each viewer.  Your service provider’s assurances of security are entirely empty where the government is concerned.  My Google searches reveal no references to The Pricker, but I suspect other people can see it thoroughly debunked there.  I can not respond to such hidden critics, except to point out that they haven’t put their criticisms any place where I can see them.

If our media, and police, and courts, and special prosecutors were equal to the task of Watergate, then surely they would attack these much greater crimes, right?  The problem with that idea is that we were deceived about Watergate.  In Watergate, a trivial bit of political espionage was used to eject a president who had committed an unforgivable sin.  President Nixon ordered the assassination of America’s permanent bureaucratic ruler, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.  No one wanted to drag that out in public, so something harmless was used to dump Nixon.

Six weeks after Hoover’s ‘heart attack’ the five burglars were arrested at the Watergate.  In his book All the president’s men (©1974, Simon & Schuster), Bob Woodward tells us that at the first court appearance of burglar James McCord, he was asked his occupation, to which he responded “Security consultant”.  The judge asked where.  Rather than give the innocuous and correct answer, ‘McCord Associates’, McCord chose to shock everyone by saying he had recently retired from the CIA.  This was something he was not asked, and did not have to say.  McCord said that, because before the CIA, he was an FBI agent like his boss G. Gordon Liddy.  They scrupulously chose to go to prison because their crimes were not sanctioned under Title 50.

Bob Woodward, America’s greatest hero of the free press has had a long and successful career of disinformation.  That book repeatedly mentions the perception at the FBI, that his newspaper stories on Watergate had been written from FBI reports “almost verbatim”, or “90 percent”.  He published that because he didn’t want people to hear it someplace else.  He also serves to draw out whistle-blowers, so they can be identified and eliminated.

[I distributed hundreds of preliminary draft copies, including the last three paragraphs, on 5/26 and 5/27/2005(including one to each apartment on Coriander, Caraway, Wintergreen, Cassia, Ginger and Mace streets in Costa Mesa).  On 5/31/2005 Mr. Woodward confirmed that the identity of Deep Throat was FBI Assistant Director W. Mark Felt.  That announcement was made to predate mine by saying it has been prepared (in secret) for years.  Perhaps they will now try to present Mr. Woodward as a dupe of the FBI.  In his position, he could not be a dupe.  If you prefer to think of Mr. Woodward and his ilk as slack-jawed fools, rather than knowing collaborators, that still does not deflect the point that they have not done, and will not do, their duty.]

In the same role on the radical left is Pacifica Radio’s Amy Goodman, whom I met on 3/10/2002.  I gave her the written description of spousal cancers and 9/11 which I had at that time.  A similar firebrand, who came to local Pacifica station KPFK after 2001, was Sonali Kolhatkar.  She does the morning show Uprising and is very convincing.  I handed her a copy of the 3rd edition of The Pricker on 9/8/2002.  Later she told me that anyone could make some little device to induce unlimited disease and death, and it was therefore unimportant.  This sounds highly irrational, only if you think she is honest.  It is said that the things I have described could not happen because honest members of our media would expose them.  I agree with this reasoning, and conclude that there are not many honest commentators on live broadcasts in our national media.

I don’t expect police to do anything helpful; they stop me often but never to offer assistance.  I have even been cited and convicted for “offering or providing information” – those were the words of the trial judge describing my ‘illegal’ behavior, in the settled statement on appeal.  The court sought to obstruct and delay the appeal process indefinitely, in violation of the California Rules of Court, because there was no way to uphold that verdict.  That conviction was eventually overturned.

I would expect corruption to be worse in higher courts.  There is an American citizen named Juan Padilla imprisoned without any observable cause.  The administration has no way of justifying this in court.  This situation has been painfully clear to everyone, but the Supreme Court has declined to hear the case.  The support of four justices was all that was required to bring the case before the court.  No honest justice could have avoided hearing the case.  Therefore, we can see there are no more than three honest justices of the Supreme Court.  When the reason for Mr. Padilla’s imprisonment, and the court’s refusal to hear the case, becomes known, at least six of the nine justices will have to resign.  Those who have left the court since then have not helped the situation, because their replacements are being chosen by President Bush, a prime conspirator.

I have delivered copies of The Pricker to staff in the offices of representatives Loretta Sanchez, Linda Sanchez, Christopher Cox, Edward Royce, Maxine Waters, Grace Napolitano, and Gary Miller, they have not responded.  On 8/6/05 I revisited Dana Rohrabacher by handing him a copy of this.  He is now Chairman of the International Relations Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation.  Ordinarily, when you write to a legislator about anything, you can expect a response.  I’ve never had any response from any legislator on any of these issues.  That is because if they respond, they will have acknowledged receiving this information.  If they acknowledged receiving this, they would have to act on it.  While it is possible that some are actually unaware of my work, I think most simply don’t want to act.  Their predecessors would not have passed a law repealing all other laws (50 USC 412) if they had not intended to wield unconstitutional power.

I have heard speculation that the things I have described here are the actions of rogue elements within the FBI, CIA and administration.  I think that is plausible only to the extent that you consider entire governments to be ‘rogue elements’.  I have personally distributed 72,000 copies of The Pricker, mostly to single family homes, in one of this nation's wealthiest counties.  So the leadership of every large intelligence, military, and law enforcement agency in the world is aware of it (earlier editions did not describe the alien spaceship plot).

By now even the impoverished, isolated government of Iraq would have heard of it.  That is one of the reasons it had to be destroyed, no matter how flimsy the excuse.  Saddam Hussein had a penchant for publicizing American plots.  You already know some of the reasons he was an enemy.  The reason that attacking him became urgent was the 12,000 copies of The Pricker that I had distributed at that time.  You now hold in your hands the ‘super weapon’ he was about to obtain – this little treatise. 

By the same reasoning, the leadership of large religious institutions, political parties, corporations and charitable organizations will have encountered this, but failed to do anything about it (nothing helpful, anyway).  I have talked to people who recognize The Pricker, but deny ever having seen it.  It’s been said this is because they are afraid.  They wouldn’t be afraid if they thought none of these concerns were valid.  So later, when it comes time for our biggest leaders to explain their silence now, what will they say?  They didn’t know?  You can’t prove their subordinates told them?  They thought this was all a mistake, even though ordinary folks recognized valid concerns?  They did not talk about this because nobody else was talking about it?  Is it just too ugly?  For a failure of this magnitude, and duration, I don’t think it will suffice to say ‘Oops, sorry’.

Some of the most powerful servants of government have enslaved themselves willingly.  If you want to rule over a major organization or government, and need the support of the US Government to do it, you should prove your irreversible loyalty ahead of time.  One technique is to give the candidate a camcorder and a young woman, or child, in a locked room.  He must then produce a recording of himself raping, torturing, and killing this defenseless victim.  He must leave his DNA in the victim’s body.  He can then be trusted in the most powerful positions, because he will always be vulnerable to the holder of that recording.  He doesn’t even have to know who holds the recording.  On the Texas/Mexico border, the city of Ciudad Juarez alone has had hundreds of these killings.  They have helped our biggest super-criminals dominate every part of our lives.


What’s Next:  Without the media, or the internet, or politicians, or bureaucracies, or clergy, or corporations, or entertainers, or other ‘leaders’, where can we turn?  It appears that the issues I had raised in earlier editions were insufficient to inspire the kind of universal rejection we have been led to expect for such things.  I can see that there are a few people who will stand against serial murder, mass murder, and treason, but many of us say we can do nothing, and then actually do nothing.

Let’s not fool ourselves; these are not small problems.  They are dominant factors in populations around the world.  This is the long term failure of democracy, and every other known form of government.  Our social structures serve purposes diametrically opposed to their stated purposes.  Rather than defend and uphold the Constitution, officers of government undermine and attack  it.  Rather than suppressing murder, it is inflicted on an industrial scale.  Rather than preserve and disseminate information, disinformation is disseminated and information is suppressed.  Rather than protect society, its destruction is sought.

I have destroyed the alien spaceship plot, but there are more plots coming, more subtle and powerful motivational implants, robot weapons, biological weapons, and colossal deceptions.  We all need to realize that if we do not get this situation under control (or out from under control), that our entire species will perish.  At the end there will be only one of us left.  One person who has enslaved or killed all others.  All of the billions of people, with thousands of languages, cultures, and civilizations of history, with only one person left, very soon.

That sounds like a description of the TV show Survivor.  The resemblance may not be unintentional.  That show presents an experiment in sociology in which all players are enemies who are dependant on those they seek to destroy.  The show was produced to sell us the idea that this is how we live.  It is how they think we should live, working cleverly for those who will destroy us.  The twisted artificiality of that show is made to seem more real by calling it reality TV.  In real reality, people trapped in a difficult situation consider themselves successful when everyone gets along, rather than when everyone destroys each other.  I propose we seek that reality for ourselves rather than the insane artifice of Survivor.

To that end we need some reliable people to come and help us out of this situation.  Unfortunately all we have is us, and we know that we are not reliable.  Most of us are greedy foolish cowards to begin with.  If we are not that way at first, then we usually become that way under sufficient deception, temptation, or threat.  Those who cannot be fooled, tempted or intimidated are killed, crippled, or jailed.  Until such a resolution can be arranged, they are outwardly ignored.  I have been looking for people who understand what is at stake; people who are not fakes, have not been fooled, tempted, intimidated, killed, crippled, or jailed, and who can not be ignored.  I have come to understand that the enemies we face can not tolerate such people because they know that just one such person could disrupt the growth of their power.  Because I have not found such a person, I have had no choice; I have had to become such a person.

I have heard it said that we should resolve these issues with forgiveness, and follow the example of the South African ‘truth and reconciliation’.  The understanding that all AIDS is deliberate allows us to recognize that all South African AIDS is inflicted by the old South African Government and their American masters.  They knew that under apartheid, blacks would blame whites for AIDS.  To shed that open responsibility, the whites had to put black faces in the front offices of government agencies.  They had to employ trusted black leaders.  ‘Truth and reconciliation’ was intended to enable a spectacular new genocide, which continues to this day.  When everyone understands this, will they again ask for ‘truth and reconciliation’?  Will they say this time is different because they really mean it?  If they really mean it, then why are they killing the only person on earth who can credibly assess and report whether they mean it or not?  Why do they want to hold the power of life and death over me?  Absolute despotism is coming, and the people who are bringing it have no intention of quitting.  When they are well and truly caught, they may say that this exposure has fixed everything.  It would be the same old lies, with a new bunch of fake reformers and watchdogs.

They have always recognized the vulnerability of the alien spaceship plot, and have taken it into account.  They have amplified the idea of the Antichrist, so as to be able to focus all the blame on one person, if they get caught (their supreme leader is unlikely to be the one identified).  The person who exposes their fake Jesus can then be hailed as the real Messiah.  That person would have the moral authority to pardon the unspeakable brutality of these criminals.  They will make sure that person works for them – If they can eliminate me.

I am at 3152 Bermuda Dr., Costa Mesa, CA, USA.  You can tell it’s me because I am the only one who can get into my house.  I think it may be dangerous for you to come to my house alone.  My only reader to come alone lives nearby, and so, would have been hard to identify as a visitor.

You could not be more loyal to government than most government spouses are.  They are smart women who choose to show their loyalty by being good, and keeping quiet.  Do not repeat their mistake.  You now know far more about the abuses of government than most of those spouses ever did.  Like them, you can never unlearn the things you now understand.  There is stronger motivation to eliminate you than there ever was to eliminate them.  Done slowly, for years, no one will ever prove that many people from your neighborhood die or move away (and die).  Since 2001 it has become illegal for your county to display your death certificates.  The passage of those laws was the purpose for the massive promotion of identity theft.  Since people have been unwilling or unable to stand up for those spouses, we can be sure they will not stand up for us.  The best way to motivate them to do so, is to put them in our position.  We must spread this information until it is all openly discussed.  Reproduce and distribute this information as soon as you get it, that way there is no time to plan nasty surprises for you.  Limit yourself to as many copies as you can make at one time.  Deliver wherever the copies are made.  Do not drive.  Once you start handing this out, the police can not afford be seen suppressing it.

If just 2% of the recipients pass on 100 copies, then the number of copies will double with each cycle.  After a few cycles it will have to be retyped.  If you use a computer for this, disconnect the modem until your copies are delivered, so it can not notify anyone.  The illustration will have to be retouched.  Look at it this way; you and I have a society with a disease that will kill us.  The treatment is just a few hours of hard work.

For thousands of years people have observed the corruption of their leaders.  The leaders I have described here betray everything that is sacred.  Sacred, not in someone else’s terms, but by their own definition.  Truth, justice, human life, God, country, friends and family are all expendable commodities to them.  Think of this treatise as a test of character.  What do you do when you are presented with reasonable indications of unreasonable betrayal and abuse?  If we can hear of these things, and remain silent, then we should not, and will not be allowed to remain as entities with free will.  If we want to change the way things will be we can start by exposing the way things are.  This is our last opportunity, don’t let it slip away.

Your neighbor, Kevin, October, 2005.  First edition May 31, 2002.


Draft of work in progress, for the ninth revised edition.  Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2005, Kevin Harris.  Permission is granted to reproduce this document only on the condition that it be copied in full.




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